Dr. Dafna Langgut




  • Researcher (Faculty Member), and the Head of the Laboratory of Archaeobotany and Ancient Environments at the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University
  • Curator of pollen, wood and archaeobotanical collections of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History


  • Archaeobotany – identification of botanical remains in archeological contexts: utilization patterns for living spaces, agricultural practices, diet, plant usage, ancient gardens, seasonality of site occupation, wooden implements.
  • Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment reconstruction in the Levantine region during prehistorical and historical periods.
  • Past relationship between humans and the environment such as human migration out of Africa, the onset of agriculture, de-forestation, settlement history and pastoralism.






Mark Cavanagh – M.A. Student: Sustainability of an Industry on the Fringe: An Anthracologic Investigation into Fuel Sources at the Iron Age Copper Smelting Site of Timna 34 (co-advisor E. Ben Yosef).


2014- Helena Roth – M.A. Student: Wood economy and botanical reconstruction of Early Roman Jerusalem (co-advisor Y. Gadot).


2014- Mordechay Benzaquen – M.A. Student: The Archaeological Wood Remains of Tel Megiddo: Interpreting Environmental Conditions and Cultural Preferences Through the Analysis of Botanical Remains (co-advisor I. Finkelstein).


2015- Ben Laugomer – M.A. Student: Paleoclimate in the southern Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages based on isotop compasition in Soreq Cave speleothems (co-advisors M. Bar-Matthews and I. Finkelstein).



Books and Monographs:

Langgut D. 2008. Late Quaternary Palynological Sequences from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Monograph of the Geological Survey, Israel, GSI/16/08. The Israeli Geological Survey, Jerusalem, 207 pp.

Refereed Articles in Journals:

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Papers presented at scientific meetings published in proceedings:

Langgut D. 2014. Southern Levant Pollen Record, Palaeo-Climate and Human Impact from the Late Bronze Age to the Persian period. In: Bieliński P. Gawlikowski M. Koliński R. Ławecka D. Sołtysiak A. and Wygnańska Z. (eds.). Proceedings of the 8th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ICAANE 2012).Warsaw, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, Pp. 541-558.

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Langgut D.The History of Citrus medica (citron) in the Near East: Botanical remains and ancient art and texts (Forthcoming). In: V. Zech, G. Fiorentino, and S. Coubray (eds.). The history and archaeology of the citrus fruit from the Far East to the Mediterranean: introductions, diversifications, uses.


Book Chapters / Scientific Reports / Book Reviews:

Langgut D. 2014. On the Question of Identification of Plants of the Bible: Interpretations, Innovations and Undulations – Book Review of “Flora of the Bible” by Ammar Z. (2012, Jerusalem, 288p.). Cathedra 152: 183-187 (Hebrew).

Langgut D. Palynological Investigation, Nahal David, Cave Q27. 2015. In: Cohen H. Artzy M. (eds.), Mikveh Cave Q27, The First Three Seasons of Excavations – 2003, 2006, 2012. Reports and Studies of the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies Excavations. Haifa University. Pp 71-76.

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Benzaquen M. Langgut D. (Forthcoming). The Charcoal Remains. In: Finkelstein, I. and Martin, M.A.S. (eds.), Megiddo VI: The 2010-1014 Seasons (Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University). Tel Aviv.



  • – Editing a special issue of Israel Journal of Plant Sciences honoring Professor Daniel Zohary (together with S. Lev-Yadun), volume 62, issues 1-2.



  • National Geographic Israel (Hebrew) – August 2006


  • Haaretz – February 2, 2012


  • Science-Daily – February 16, 2012


  • New York Times – October 22, 2013


  • National Geographic – October 24, 2013


  • New York Times Editorial – October 26, 2013


  • National Geographic Israel (Hebrew) – December 2, 2013





  • Paleoenvironmental conditions and past climate changes (B.A.)
  • Late Quaternary Paleoenvironment (M.A.)
  • From gatherers to eradicators? (B.A.)
  • Paleoclimatology and Human Impact in the Levant during the Bronze Age and into the Hellenistic Period (M.A.)
  • From nature into culture – plants and human culture from the archaeological perspective (B.A.)
  • Man, climate and the ancient environment (B.A.)
  • Plants of the Bible (B.A.)
  • Environmental Archaeology (M.A.)
  • Possible links between human culture and climate changes (M.A.)
  • Heaven on Earth – Prestige Gardens in Antiquity (M.A.)




External reviewer of manuscripts for publication for various scholarly journals (Quaternary International, Quaternary Science Reviews, Palynology, The Holocene, Tel-Aviv, Journal of Mediterranean Ecology, Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences) and for the Israel Antiquity Authorities Publication Department.



(1997)  Haifa University Distinction Award (BA studies)

(1998)  Haifa University Distinction Award (BA studies)

(2000)  Wolf Foundation Distinction Award

(2001)  Distinction Award Haifa University (MA studies)

(2001)  Ministry of Science and Culture -Distinction Scholarship Award

(2001)  Research Distinction Award of the Rector of Haifa University

(2002)  Distinction Award Haifa University (MA studies)

(2004)  Cooperation Award: Young and Senior Scholars, Haifa University

(2004)  The Palynological Society – AASP Student Award for Presenting in The 11th International

Pollen Conference

(2005)  Sam Cohen Windhoek Scholarship Award




(2000) “Sir Maurice and Lady Irene Hatter Grant”, Haifa University and the Recanati

Institute for Maritime Studies (RIMS). Late Quaternary Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction from Dor, Carmel Coastal Plain, Israel (PI).

(2005-2007) “The Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures”, Grant no. ES-2005-2007. Late Quaternary Marine Palynological Records from the South-Eastern Mediterranean Basin (together with M. Weinstein-Evron) (PI).

(2011) *”Early Israel”, New Horizons Program, Tel Aviv University. Tracing the Ancient Vegetation at the Garden of Ramat Rachel by fossil pollen grains (together with B. Gross, Y. Gadot and O. Lipschits) (PI).

(2014-2019) “The Neubauer Foundation”. Climate Changes in the Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages and their Impact on Settlement Patterns and Historical Processes (PI together with I. Finkelstein).

(2015-2018) “Israel Science Foundation”. Royal Herodian Gardens Come Alive (PI).

(2015-2016) “Israel Science Foundation”. Equipment Grant: The Laboratory of Archaeobotany and Ancient Environments (PI).



  • American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
  • Israel Geological Society (IGS)
  • Israel Geographical Association (IGA)
  • Israel Geomorphological Research Group (IGRG)
  • Israel Prehistory Society (IPS)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)