Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen


Lidar Sapir-Hen, Ph.D

Lidar is the the Director of the Archaeozoology Lab

Her Master's thesis dealt with the last hunters’ economy at the dawn of animal domestication, and in her PhD she studied taphonomic and cultural processes from a diachronic perspective in a complex Tell site.

Her post-doc was done in the Institute of Archaeology, as part of the “Reconstructing Ancient (Biblical) Israel: The Exact and Life Sciences Perspective” (funded by the European Research Council). She dealt with long-term process in animal economy and cultural identity during the Late Bronze and Iron Ages.

Lidar is currently teaching Archaeozoology classes in the department of Archaeology, and guiding (MA and internship) students. She is Involved with several excavations, dated to the Neolithic through to the Byzantine periods.



  • The interaction between humans and animals in the past
  • Social complexity and identity as reflected in the faunal remains
  • Cultural aspects of faunal remains
  • The relationship between urban centers and their rural hinterland
  • Integrating contextual analysis of faunal remains with other finds


1999-2002        B.Sc. Life Sciences  Hebrew University in Jerusalem

2003-2005        M.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Quality (Magna  cum laude)  

                         (Department of Zoology) Tel-Aviv University

2006-2010        B.A. Archaeology (Department of Archaeology) Tel Aviv University

2006-2010        Ph.D (Faculty of Life Sciences) Tel-Aviv University

2010-2012        Post Doc. The Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University

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