Archaeobotany Students and Lab Members

 Shadow-head-woman Valja Epstein
Technician and Lab Manager
Eitan Dr. Eitan Kremer
Research Assistant
Helena Helena Roth
Laboratory Assistant and MA Student
Research Topic: Wood economy and botanical reconstruction of Early Roman Jerusalem
Mark Mark Cavanagh
MA Student
Research Topic: Sustainability of an Industry on the Fringe: An anthracologic investigation into fuel sources at the Iron age copper smelting site of Timna 34
Mordechay Benzaquen Mordechay Benzaquen
MA student
Research Topic: The Arboreal Remains of Tel Megiddo: Interpreting Environmental Conditions and Cultural Practices through the Analysis of Botanical Renmains
Kei Kei Ishii
ben Ben Laugomer
MA student
Research Topic: Climate change during the Bronze and Iron ages using stable isotopes and U-Th dating from Soreq cave spaleothems.
photo (3) Alon & Gali
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