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Here one may find an archive of media articles from around the world featuring research of the Central Timna Valley (CTV) Project and other research projects in the Timna Valley.

Featured Story: Dec 29, 2014.Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries in 2014. Biblical Archaeology Society.


Jan 17, 2014. Hump stump solved: Camels arrived in region much later that Biblical reference. Haaretz.


Feb 5, 2014. Over the Hump: Camel archaeology contradicts the Bible. Times of Israel.


Feb 9, 2014. Eye on History: Archaeologists Cabon-Date Camel Bones, Major Discrepancy In Bible Story. Ahmadiyya Times.


Feb 10, 2014. Camels Had No Business in Gensis. NY Times.


Feb 10, 2014. Domesticated Camels Came to Israel in 930 B.C., Centuries Later Than Bible Says. National Geographic.


Feb 11, 2014. TAU scientists find Israel's first domesticated camel. TAU News.


Feb 16, 2014. Abraham did not ride on camels: Israeli researchers have discovered that the camel came to the Middle East only after the period of the Tanakh. Forbes Israel. (Hebrew)