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Digging at Azekah 2012 – The First Week

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012

Digging at Azekah 2012 – The First Week

The first week of a dig is always a bit chaotic and crazy.  Sunday wasn’t a full day of work and as it was the first day of the dig season here at Azekah things were different schedule-wise. On Sundays we come back to site after the weekend off.  We have a few meetings when we get to NesHarim (our living area) and then we go out to the field for a few hours in the evening to work before coming back for dinner followed by another session. First full day at Azekah Monday marked the first full day of digging and that means wake-up call at 4 AM and we are at the site by 5. Now I’m a...

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