Dan Sanders Academic Year 2014/15

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015

Dan Sanders  Academic Year 2014/15

Country: Illinois, USA

Previous formal education: Mediaeval History (Specialising in the archaeology of the early and middle Byzantine world), University of St Andrews; Social Science (focusing on History and Archaeology), the National-Louis University, Chicago.

International MA thesis track at Tel Aviv University: 

“Civis Romanus Sum: Hellenistic and Roman Imperialisms in the Southern Levant in their Urban Contexts; between the ideal and praxis in light of the evidence from Beth She’an (Scythopolis)”

Supervisor: Dr. Guy Stiebel.

My research focuses primarily on a re-analysis of current data (both published and previously un-published) within a holistic framework in an attempt to examine the role of the city, on the whole, in a broad sense, and the city of Scythopolis, in particular, in an attempt to rehabilitate the anachronistic terminologies (and accompanying methodologies) associated with “Hellenistation” and “Romanisation”.

In particular, this work will examine the role of urbanism within these contexts in order to gain a better understanding of the role which urbanism played in local responses (assimilation/acculturation, adaptation, and/or rejection) of various Hellenistic and Roman imperialisms from the period roughly correllating to c.200 BCE – 200 CE. Using a diachronic perspective, as well as both textual and archaeological material, this study will attempt to shed better light on the processes of imperialism from external, multi-ethnic/multi-national empires, and local responses to the expressions of these imperial powers. Ideally, this study will then be able provide firmer explanations behind the varied socio-economic and geo-political responses to outside political power, and the affects these had on local life and culture, including, but not limited to, reasons behind the heavy Jewish resistance towards Rome, but significantly less strong resistance towards the various Hellenistic kingdoms.