Emily Bischoff Academic Year 2015/16

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016

Emily Bischoff Academic Year 2015/16

Country: USA

Previous formal education: BA in Anthropology with minors in French and Music Performance, University of Minnesota.

International MA thesis track at Tel Aviv University: 

Purification Rituals in the Hittite Empire

Advisor: Dr. Amir Gilan

For most of the history of the Hittite Empire, the Hitties use a law code the prescribed various prices and punishments for many different goods and crimes. One of the punishments that were described was for the crime of bestiality. In all the laws dealing with this particular crime the punishment was death. However towards the end of the Hittite Empire a text was written that describes a ritualistic way of absolving the sin of bestiality, no capital punishment needed. This raises various questions regarding perceptions of Hittite ideas of impurity, where impurity lies, what exactly was impurity, and what specifically removed sin and impurity. This is what I intend to answer.