Muduan Liu Academic Year 2015/16

Posted by on Apr 10, 2016

Muduan Liu Academic Year 2015/16

Country: China

Previous formal education: B.A. in the English Language with a minor in International Relations, Sichuan International Studies University.

International MA thesis track at Tel Aviv University: 

The Egyptian Influence in the Southern Levant during its Independence from the Persian Rule (404-343 BC): A Textual and Archaeological Enquiry

Advisor: Dr. Shirly Ben Dor Evian, and Prof. Oded Lipschits.

As the epilogue of the fifth century B.C., the Peloponnesian War concluded with the Greeks entering a new era of civil war and inner instability under the shadow of a manipulative Persian Empire. On the Persian side, after the death of King Darius II, the new king was engaged in a war of throne with his brother, giving Egypt an opportunity to throw off the Persian hegemony. The next sixty years witnessed the repetitive endeavor of both the Persians and the Egyptians to undermine the strength of each other with the supports of the Greeks and the Phoenicians. The Southern Levant became the frontier of the Persian-Egyptian conflicts, and some ancient sources points to a positive Egyptian interference in this land. In such an age of international intricacy, however, the political landscape in the Southern Levant is lamentably unknown to us mainly because of a lack of historical records. This research will, based on a thorough investigation of the textual sources, examine the material records in order to define the nature of the Egyptian influence and the contemporary international interactions.