Megiddo in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Archaeology and Historical Reconstruction

·         Credit: 4

·         Lecturer: Prof. Israel Finkelstein

·         Semester: 1

·         Mondays  and Wednesdays

The seminar will deal with the celebrated site of Megiddo, which has been excavated by four expeditions starting over a century ago. The results of these excavations form an important skeleton for the stratigraphy, chronology and thus historical reconstruction of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant and beyond. Case studies to cite are the beginning of urbanism in the Early Bronze I, Egypt and Canaan in the Late Bronze Age, the transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the chronology of the Iron Age and the material culture of the Northern Kingdom (Israel). Special emphasis will be given to methodological issues: approaching archaeological reports in a critical way and “translation” of archaeological remains to historical reconstruction.