The Ancient Pottery of Israel: The Bronze and Iron Ages

·         Credit: 2

·         Lecture: Dr. Yuval Gadot

·         Semester: 1

·         Mondays

Pottery vessels, broken or complete, are the most an abundant find in any ancient site dating to the last ten thousand years. As such, it has become the basic tool used by archaeologist for relative and absolute dating, for defining cultural groups, spatial relations and long distance trade 

The aim of this class is to familiarize the student with the pottery typical to Israel in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages and the Persian period (ca 1500-300 BCE). Classes will take place in our study collection room, where the students will be acquainted with the kind of pottery typical to each sub-period. Using a hands-on approach, the students will learn how to examine pottery vessels, describe the vessel and compare with pottery from other sites. We will use this opportunity to present the key sites of each period and to discuss the main debate over the chronology and ethnicity Late Bronze, Iron Age and Persian period Israel.