Jonathan Parker Academic Year 2015/16

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016

Jonathan Parker Academic Year 2015/16

Country: USA

Previous formal education: BA in Anthropology with a minor in Spanish, University of Missouri – Columbia.

International MA thesis track at Tel Aviv University: 

Emergence and Demise: Reconstructing ‘Edomite’ Settlement Patterns.

Advisors: Prof. Oded Lipschits and Dr. Omer Sergi.

My thesis will focus on the ‘Edomite’ tribal-kingdom of the Transjordan, Negev, and northwest Arabia in the long historical duration. By examining settlement patterns in these regions throughout the Iron Age and Persian Period, and interpolating it with contemporary theoretical approaches to desert fringe society, I intend to reconstruct the emergence of Edomite kingdom and its demise. This thesis will elicit not only a better understanding of a region with high potential for new data, but also how the landscape influenced the sedentary, and nomadic populations.