Rules and Regulations for the MA Track

All regulations are according to the Hebrew MA in archaeology at Tel Aviv University. 


MA degree without a thesis – 32 credit points (three semesters)

The students are required to take:

·         4 mandatory introductory courses – 8 credit points

·         4 mandatory complementary courses – 8 credit points

·         3 seminar courses– 12 credit points

·         Ancient language – 4 credit points

·         or 2 excavation courses – 3 credit points each*

·         Electives (if relevant)*

* Courses display in the final transcript but not calculated in the final average grade of the degree!



Course final papers

·         Students will submit their papers according to the TAU guidelines.

·         The teachers will publish a list of subjects for the students to select from at the end of the course.

·         Each student will choose his/her individual subject.

·         Submission date is one month after the course ended (submission date list will be given at the beginning of the year).

·         Submission is to the program administrator’s office (printed copy).


Courses final exams (if relevant)

o    Two exam dates are offered: first exam date and second exam date

o    Students can improve the grade of the first exam at the second exam date

o    The grade of the latest exam is the final grade

o    Students can decide not to take the first exam and take only the second exam.

o    There will be no third exam date. 


Seminar courses

·         Students will submit two extensive seminar papers (7,000-10,500 word research paper), and one short research paper – “Referat” (3,500-5,000word research paper)

·         Submitting date for seminar courses held in the 1st Semester is May 15th , 2016

·         Submitting date for seminar courses held in the 2nd Semester is October 27, 2016

·         All papers submission is to the program administrator’s office (printed copy)


Final assignment

·         Each student will choose an individual subject according to the assignment guidelines (given at the beginning of the second semester

·         Submission date of the final assignment is the last day of the second semester.

·         All final papers submission is to the program administrator’s office (printed copy)



·         All students must participate in four weeks of excavations held by The Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University.

·         Attendance is mandatory for the entire four weeks of excavation.

·         One or two courses taught during the excavation. Courses grades display in the final transcript but not calculated in the final average grade of the degree.


Field trips

·         All students must participate in at least six field trips.


Calculation of final grade:

·         Final assignment (20%)

·         Grades of the seminars (40%)

·         Grades of the exams, papers and ‘Referat’ (short seminar paper) (40%)


Extensions, postponement and appeals:

Course papers and seminar extensions:  

·         Extensions requests for seminar papers will only be considered in cases of severe illness, mourning, or military reserve service.

·         Extension requests will not be accepted after the original date of submission.

·         Students must file an extension form (in the administrative office). State the reasons and the new submission date they are requesting.

o  Course papers: Not submitting course papers by the original or extended deadline will affect the course grade: There will be a 5 points reduction for every two weeks delay up to a month from the original deadline.

o  Course papers submission over a month delay is not permitted. This will result in a comment on the transcript that the student did not finish his academic duties. According to this, the student will not be eligible for a Master degree from TAU.

o  Seminar papers: The teaching committee of the faculty reviews seminar extension requests. The program’s administrative staff or academic head does not have the authority to approve extension requests. Students will NOT approach their instructors directly with extension requests.

o  Students can ask up to two weeks extension on seminar papers.

o  Students who will ask for more than two weeks will be liable to  financial obligations (deferral fine), as specified in the TAU International Letter of Agreement (clause no. 8). 

o  Students without an approved extension will not be allowed to submit their papers late, and will therefore not receive credit for the seminar. This penalty also applies to students who have an approved extension but turn their papers in after the specified extension date.


Extending the Degree:

All students (non-thesis and thesis track) have until October 27, 2016 to complete their degree requirements. Extending the degree beyond this date will result in additional financial obligations, as specified in the TAU International Letter of Agreement (clause no. 8).


Attendance and tardiness:

·         All courses have an attendance requirement.

·         Students allowed up to three absences per semester without it affecting their grade.

·         Final grades affected by repeated absence or tardiness.