Monograph Series No. 31

MS 31 Megiddo VMEGIDDO V: The 2004-2008 Seasons (3 Vols.)

Matthew J. Adams, Eran Arie, Eric H. Cline, Israel Finkelstei n, Norma Franklin, Mario A.S. Martin, David Ussishkin

Editors: Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin, Eric H. Cline

Contributors: Matthew J. Adams, Yaniv Agmon, Eran Arie, Carolina Aznar, David Ben-Shlomo, Julye Bidmead, Noga Blockman, Elisabetta Boaretto, James M. Bos, Baruch Brandl, Eric H. Cline, Margaret E. Cohen, Adi Eliyahu-Behar, Julie Ellis, Lev Eppelbaum, Israel Finkelstein, Norma Franklin, David Friesem, Yuval Gadot, Mor Gafri, Boaz Gattenio, Ayelet Gilboa, Philippe Guillaume, Christian Herrmann, Sonia Itkis, Othmar Keel, Adi Keinan, Inbar Ktalav, Nili Liphschitz, Shmuel Marco, Mario A.S. Martin, Assaf Nativ, Alexander Pechuro, Rachel Pelta, Laura A. Peri, Daniel Rosenberg, Galit Sameora, Inbal Samet, Benjamin Sass, Aharon Sasson, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Ilan Sharon, David Ussishkin, Lior Weissbrod, Naama Yahalom-Mack, Assaf Yasur-Landau

This 3-volume set is the third in the series of final publications of the Megiddo Expedition (see Megiddo III: The 1992–1996 Seasons, 2000; Megiddo IV: The 1998–2002 Seasons, 2006). It reports the finds in the 2004–2008 seasons, with several references to the campaign of 2010. The main topics dealt with are: a final account of the Early Bronze Age cultic compound; excavations of the late Iron I layer in Area H and the Late Bronze II–III layers in Area K; report on the investigation of Schumacher’s Nordburg and Chamber f and its surroundings; the Late Bronze II–III, Iron I, and Iron IIA pottery of Megiddo; and a variety of micro­archaeology studies.

Table of contents

 Volume I

Section One: introduction

Chapter 1: The 2004-2008 Seasons
Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin and Eric H. Cline

Section two: Stratigraphy and Architecture

Chapter 2:  Area J
Part I: Introduction

Matthew J. Adams
Part II: Sub-Area Lower J
Adi Keinan
Part III: The Main Sector of Area J
Matthew J. Adams
Part IV: Sub-Area Upper J
Matthew J. Adams and James M. Bos
Part V: Analyses of Sediments from the Level J-4 Temple Floor
David Friesem and Ruth Shahack-Gross
Chapter 3: Area K
Part I: Levels K-8 and K-7

Mario A.S. Martin, Noga Blockman and Julye Bidmead
Part II: Level K-6
Eran Arie and Assaf Nativ
Chapter 4: Area M
Part I: The Excavation

Norma Franklin
Part II: An Architectural Study of Chamber F
Alexander Pechuro
Part III: Another Interpretation of the Remains – The Nordburg and Chamber F
Israel Finkelstein
Chapter 5:  Area H: Levels H-9 to H-5
Eran Arie

Chapter 6: Area L
Eric H. Cline and Inbal Samet

Chapter 7:  Area P
Norma Franklin

Volume II

Section Three: Pottery

Chapter 8: The Early Bronze age Pottery from Area J
Matthew J. Adams

Chapter 9: Experimental Archaeology: Investigating a Unique Burnishing Technique on an Early Bronze III
Rachel Pelta

Chapter 10: The Late Bronze IIB Pottery from Levels K-8 and K-7
Mario A.S. Martin

Chapter 11: Cypriot, Mycenaean and Derivative Forms From Levels K-8 and K-7
Assaf Yasur-Landau

Chapter 12:  The Late Bronze III and Iron I Pottery: Levels K-6, M-6, M-5, M-4 and H-9
Eran Arie

Chapter 13: The Iron IIA Pottery
Eran Arie

Volume III

Section four: other finds

Chapter 14: The Chipped Stone Assemblage
Julie Ellis
Chapter 15:  The small finds
Noga Blockman and Benjamin Sass

Chapter 16: The Groundstone Assemblage
Daniel Rosenberg

Chapter 17: Stamp -Seal Amulets
Othmar Keel

Chapter 18: Cylinder Seals
Baruch Brandl

Chapter 19: The Amulets
Christian Herrmann

Chapter 20: Figurative Clay Artefacts
Laura Peri

Chapter 21: A Late Bronze Age Gold Pendant from Area K      
Margaret E. Cohen
Chapter 22: A Double Axe from Level H-9
Assaf Yasur-Landau

Chapter 23: Textile Production
Julye Bidmead

Chapter 24: Games
Philippe Guillaume

Section Five: Environmental and Physical Studies

Chapter 25: Radiocarbon Dating of the Iron Age Levels
Ayelet Gilboa, Ilan Sharon and Elisabetta Boaretto

Chapter 26: The Human Remains
Galit Sameora

Chapter 27: Faunal Remains from the Iron Age Levels
Aharon Sasson

Chapter 28: The Micromammalian Remains
Lior Weissbrod

Chapter 29: Mollusc Shells
Inbar Ktalav

Chapter 30:  Wood Remains
Nili Liphschitz

Chapter 31: Petrographic Analysis of Iron Age Vessels              
Carolina Aznar
Chapter 32: Petrographic Analysis of Late Bronze III, Late Iron I and Iron IIA Pottery
David Ben-Shlomo

Chapter 33:  Micromorphological Observations in Area K: Implications for Trash Disposal Behaviour
Ruth Shahack-Gross

Chapter 34: Geoarchaeological Study in Area K: Threshing Floor or Midden?
Mor Gafri and Ruth Shahack-Gross

Chapter 35: Metalworking in Area K: A Reevaluation
Adi Eliyahu-Behar, Naama Yahalom-Mack, Yuval Gadot and Israel Finkelstein

Chapter 36: In Search of the Middle Bronze Age City-Gate: Introduction to the Geophysical Surveys
Israel Finkelstein and David Ussishkin

Chapter 37: Electromagnetic Survey in the Vicinity of Area F
Boaz Gattenio and Shmuel Marco

Chapter 38: Magnetic prospecting to the North of the Late Bronze City Gate
Sonia Itkis and Lev Eppelbaum

Section Six: Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 39: Comments on the Early Bronze Cultic Compound, 1992-2010
David Ussishkin

Chapter 40: Archaeological and Historical Conclusions               
Israel Finkelstein
Indices of Loci
Yaniv Agmon

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