Monograph Series No. 32

Tel Malhata: A Central City in the Biblical Negev (2 Vols.)

Author: Itzhaq Beit-Arieh and Liora FreudMS 32 Tel Malhata Cover
Contributors: Gregory Bearman, Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, Yuval Goren, Shira Faigenbaum, Liora Freud, Ruth E., Jackson-Tal, Gilad B. Jaffe, Arieh Kindler, Raz Kletter, Ido Koch, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Nir Lalkin, Nili Liphschitz, Henk K. Mienis, Murray Moinester, Yoram Nir-El, Eli Piasetzky, Nadin Reshef, Moshe Sade, Leah Di Segni, Barak Sober, Oren Tal, Ada Yardeni and Irit Ziffer


This book presents the results of two seasons of excavations by the first expedition and seven seasons by the second expedition at Tel Malḥata.
Tel Malḥata is an elliptical-shaped mound covering some 18 dunams, located in the eastern sector of the Arad–Beer-sheba Valley. Tel Malḥata is generally identified with biblical Moladah, one of the cities of Judah, although other identifications have been suggested. The Arabic name of the site, Tell el-Milḥ (“Hill of Salt”), is apparently indicative of its association with the production and distribution of salt from the Dead Sea in more recent times. The many Bedouin graves on the upper terrace of the tell significantly hindered the planning of the excavations, and consequently the excavations were concentrated mainly where no graves were discerned. The two volume report consists of 23 chapters that take the reader through six strata of civilization, ranging from the Middle Bronze Age to the early Byzantine period.

Table of Contents

Volume I

In Memoriam: Itzhaq Beit-Arieh
Raphael Greenberg

Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

Chapter 1
1: The Tell at malḥata: General Introduction
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

2: The Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Settlements: Archaeological-Historical Background
Oren Tal

Section one: Stratigraphy and Architecture
Chapter 2
1:  The Second Expedition: Areas A–H
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

2: The First Expedition: Sections W, Z
Liora Freud

Section Two: The Finds from the Middle Bronze Age
Chapter 3 The Middle Bronze Age Pottery
Gilad B. Jaffe

Section three: The Finds FROM The Iron Age
Chapter 4 The Pottery of strata V–III
Liora Freud

Appendix 1: Petrographic Results
Liora Freud and Yuval Goren

Appendix 2: Incised and Impressed Handles and Body Fragments
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

Appendix 3: Rosette-Stamped Handles
Ido Koch

Volume II

Chapter 5
1: Epigraphic Finds from the Iron age
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

2: An Aramaic Ostracon
Ada Yardeni

Appendix 1: X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Measurements of Red Ink on a Tel Malḥata Ostracon
Yoram Nir-El, Yuval Goren, Eli Piasetzky, Murray Moinester, Barak Sober

Appendix 2: Multispectral Imaging of Tel Malḥata Ostraca
Shira Faigenbaum, Barak Sober, Murray Moinester, Eli Piasetzky

Chapter 6 Iron Age Stamp Seals, A Cylinder Seal and Impressions
Irit Ziffer

Chapter 7 An Egyptian and Phoenician Scarabs
Nir Lalkin

Chapter 8 Scale Weights
Raz Kletter

Chapter 9 Iron Age Figurines
Raz Kletter

Chapter 10 A Phallus-Shaped Clay Object
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

Chapter 11 Remains of Wooden Furniture from Area H
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

Chapter 12
1: Stone Artifacts from the Iron age
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

2: Cosmetic Palettes and Bowls
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

3: Implements
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

Chapter 13 Metal Artifacts from the Iron age
Nadin Reshef

Chapter 14
1: Small Finds from the Iron age
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

2: Unfired Clay Plugs
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

3: Clay buttons, Worked Shreds and Stoppers
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

4: Spindle-Whorls
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

5: Beads and Pemdants
Nadin Reshef

6: Bone and Shell Objects
Liora Freud and Nadin Reshef

Section Four: The Finds from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods

Chapter 15   Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Pottery
Oren Tal

Chapter 16 Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Coins
Arieh Kindler

Chapter 17 Glass Vessels
Ruth E. Jackson Tal

Chapter 18 Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Small Finds
1: Metal Objects
Oren Tal

2: A Gold Hoop Earring
Irit Ziffer

3: Inscribed Marble Fragment                 
Leah Di Segni

Section Five: interdisciplinary Studies

Chapter 19 Archaeobotanical Remains
Nili Liphschitz

Chapter 20 Archaeozoological Remains
Moshe Sade

Chapter 21 Shells
Henk K. Mienis

Section Six: Summary

Chapter 22 Summary: Tel Malhata— From The Middle Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, Liora Freud and Oren Tal

List of Loci

Index of Finds

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