Monograph Series No. 33

Beer-Sheba III: The Early Iron IIA Enclosed Settlement and the Late Iron IIA–Iron IIB Cities (3 Vols.)33_cover

Author: Ze’ev Herzog and Lily Singer-Avitz
Contributors: Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, Lawrence Belkin, François Bron, Adi Eliyahu-Behar, Yoram Eshet, Amir Golani, Yuval Goren, Yulia Gottlieb, Mark Iserlis, Othmar Keel, Raz Kletter, Nili Liphschitz, Yitzhak Paz, Anson F. Rainey, Moshe Sade, Aharon Sasson, Orit Shamir, Deborah Sweeney, Naama Yahalom-Mack, Ran Zadok, Elena Zapassky and Irit Ziffer



The publication of the full report of the Tel Beer-sheba Iron Age remains is a fulfillment of a scientific dream. The excavations at Tel Beer-sheba, carried out under the auspices of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, were the highlight of Yohanan Aharoni’s vast research program in the Beer-sheba Valley. He directed this program from 1969 until his untimely death in 1976 at the age of 56. The final season of excavations at Tel Beer-sheba, the eighth, took place in the summer of 1976 and was carried out after Aharoni’s demise by his chief assistants, Ze’ev Herzog, Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, and Anson F. Rainey. The latter two regrettably did not live to see the completion of this publication, but they shared in the work, as did the young staff members who enabled the Tel Beer-sheba project to become a reality.
During the National Parks Authority site development, there was further exposure, mainly of the water supply systems, directed by Ze’ev Herzog with David Sappo (Western Quarter, 1990–1991), with Tsvika Tsuk (the well, 1993) and finally with Ido Ginaton (the water-system, 1994–1995). Now, after a lengthy process of analyzing the excavations in the storerooms of Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Archaeology and digging through the endless documentary material amassed, the full data is proudly presented. This work is offered not merely as a final report but as a starting point for further scientific inquiry on the abundant architectural, artifactual, and ecofactual data from Tel Beer-sheba. Volume I reports on the stratigraphy and architecture, volume 2 on the pottery; and volume 3 on the artifacts, ecofacts, and also provides concluding studies. The three volumes are profusely illustrated and an essential resource for anyone interested in the history of Judah, the Beer-sheba Valley, the site itself, and life during the Iron Age in the southern Levant.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Stratigraphy and Architecture

Ze’ev Herzog And Lily Singer-Avitz

Chapter 1: General Introduction
Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 2: Topography and Stratigraphy
Ze’ev Herzog

Appendix 2.1: Chalcolithic Objects in the Iron Age Strata
Yitzhak Paz

Chapter 3: The Northern Quarter
Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 4: The Eastern Quarter
Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 5: The Southern Quarter
Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 6: The Basement Building Area
Anson F. Rainey And Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 7: The Central Quarter
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh And Ze’ev Herzog

Chapter 8: The Western Quarter
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh

Chapter 9: The Water Supply
Ze’ev Herzog

Volume II: The Pottery

Chapter 10: The Iron IIA and IIB Pottery: an Introduction
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 11: Pottery from Strata VII–IV: The Iron IIA Period
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 12: Pottery from Strata III–I: The Iron IIB Period
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 13: Potmarks
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 14: Standardization and Mass Production
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 15: Volume Measurements
Elena Zapassky
Chapter 16: Petrographic Analyses
Mark Iserlis And Yuval Goren

Volume III: Artifacts, Ecofacts and Concluding Studies

Chapter 17: Cuneiform Inscription
Ran Zadok
Chapter 18: A South Arabian Inscription
Part 1: The Inscription
François Bron
Part 2: A Micropaleontological Examination
Yoram Eshet
Chapter 19: The Glyptic Material
Othmar Keel
Chapter 20: Egyptian Objects
Deborah Sweeney
Chapter 21: Clay Figurines
Raz Kletter
Chapter 22: Scale Weights
Raz Kletter
Chapter 23: Metal Objects
Yitzhak Paz
Appendix 23.1: Chemical Composition of Copperbased Objects
Naama Yahalom-Mack
Chapter 24: Beer-Sheba Under Attack: A Study of Arrowheads and the Story of the
Destruction of the Iron Age Settlement

Yulia Gottlieb
Chapter 25: Altars and Art Objects
Irit Ziffer
Chapter 26: Stone Tools
Yitzhak Paz
Chapter 27: Worked Bone and Ivory Objects
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 28: Textile-Related Objects
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 29: Textile Remains and Textile Impressions
Orit Shamir
Chapter 30: Jewelry
Amir Golani
Chapter 31: Archaeozoological Finds from Strata IX–III and I
Moshe Sade
Chapter 32: The Faunal Remains from Stratum II: Zooarchaeological, Taphonomic
and GIS Spatial Analyses

Aharon Sasson
Chapter 33: Archaeobotanical Remains
Nili Liphschitz
Chapter 34: Evidence for Iron Working
Adi Eliyahu Behar
Chapter 35: Household Activities
Lily Singer-Avitz
Chapter 36: Social, Historical and Cultural Ramifications
Ze’ev Herzog
Chapter 37: Reconstructing Tel Beer-Sheba: Conceptual and Technological Issues
in Site Preservation

Ze’ev Herzog And Lawrence Belkin
List of Loci
Ze’ev Herzog And Lily Singer-Avitz

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