Monograph Series No. 35

Ramat Raḥel III: Final Publication of Yohanan Aharoni’s
Excavations (1954, 1959–1962)

Author: Oded Lipschits, Yuval Gadot and Liora Freud35_cover
Contributors: Nitzan Amitai-Preiss, Donald T. Ariel, Gabriel Barkay, Vered Barzel, Efrat Bocher, Uri Davidovich, Yoav Farhi, Boaz Gross, Ruth E. Jackson-Tal, Natalya Katsnelson, Raz Kletter, Ido Koch, Keren Ras, Ronny Reich, Katri Saarelainen, Omer Sergi, Gideon Solimany, Oren Tal, Itamar Taxel, Yotam Tepper and David Vanderhooft



This two-volume report brings to full publication the results of Yohanan Aharoni’s 1954, 1959–1962 archaeological excavations at the site of Ramat Raḥel. The authors, who spent years locating and retrieving lost field cards, photographs and finds, present the earliest excavations at the site, until now only published in preliminary form. The full publication of Ramat Raḥel, with its palace renowned for its unique architectural plan, use of stone ornamentation and hundreds of stamped handles, is a welcome addition to scholarly literature on the history and archaeology of Judah during the Iron, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Early Islamic periods.
Volume I offers the reader detailed architectural plans and field photos that serve as a base for a sound and meticulous evaluation of the site’s stratigraphy and architecture. It poses an integrative approach that emphasizes well-contextualized pottery assemblages for the dating of the various architectural units.

Volume II is devoted to the full publication of thousands of Aharoni’s finds from the diverse periods of settlement, which attest to the site’s importance throughout history. 
An addendum to the volume is the final publication of Gideon Solimany’s 2000−2002 excavations, carried out in preparation of  turning the site into an archaeological park.
Ramat Raḥel III will be followed by Ramat Raḥel IV, V and VI, which are the reports of the more recent Renewed Excavations at Ramat Raḥel.

Table of Contents

Volume I
Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: Foreword
Oded Lipschits
Chapter 2: Aharoni at Ramat Raḥel
Boaz Gross
Chapter 3: Raw Material and Sources for the Analysis of Aharoni’s Excavations
Oded Lipschits, Yuval Gadot and Liora Freud
Chapter 4: Publication Methodology
Yuval Gadot and Oded Lipschits
Part II: Stratigraphy, Architecture and Pottery
Chapter 5: Sub-Sector AES1: The Church and the Annexed Building
Yuval Gadot and Itamar Taxel 
Chapter 6: Sub-Sector AES2: Squares O–V/24–27
Yuval Gadot and Oren Tal 
Chapter 7: Sub-Sector AES3: Squares K–P/18–23
Yuval Gadot, Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel 
Chapter 8: Sub-Sector ACS1: Courtyard 380 (Squares Q–W/15–20)
Yuval Gadot, Liora Freud, Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel 97
Chapter 9: Sub-Sector ACS2: Squares W–aa/15–22
Yuval Gadot, Liora Freud, Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel 130
Chapter 10: Sub-Sector ACS3: Squares Q–V/20–23
Yuval Gadot, Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel 172
Chapter 11: Sub-Sector ACS4: Squares M–R/9–16 and Squares F/13–14 
Yuval Gadot and Oded Lipschits 203
Chapter 12: Sub-Sector AWS1: Squares S–BB/6-14
Yuval Gadot, Liora Freud, Oren Tal and Itamar Taxel 213
Chapter 13: Sub-Sector AWS2
Yuval Gadot and Oded Lipschits 232
Chapter 14: Sector APS
Yuval Gadot and Oded Lipschits 237
Chapter 15: Jewish Ritual baths (Miqva’ot)
Ronny Reich
Chapter 16: Pottery of the Iron Age: Typology and Summary
Liora Freud
Chapter 17: Pottery from the Persian and Hellenistic Periods
Oren Tal 
Chapter 18: The Pottery of the Late Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Periods: Summary and Supplementary Pottery Types
Itamar Taxel
Appendix: Pentagonal Clay Tiles
Itamar Taxel
Volume II
Part III: Stamp Impressions
Chapter 19: lmlk stamp impressions
Omer Sergi 
Chapter 20: “Private” Stamp Impressions
Ido Koch and Oded Lipschits 
Chapter 21: Concentric Circle Incisions
Omer Sergi and Ido Koch
Chapter 22: Prancing Horse Impression
Ido Koch 
Chapter 23: Rosette Stamp Impressions 
Ido Koch
Chapter 24: Lion Stamp Impressions 
Oded Lipschits and Ido Koch
Chapter 25: Forty Unpublished yhwd Stamp Impressions 
Oded Lipschits and David Vanderhooft 
Chapter 26: Persian Period Stamp Impressions
Keren Ras, Efrat Bocher and Ido Koch 
Chapter 27: yršlm Stamp Impressions 
Efrat Bocher 
Chapter 28: “ṭet”-Like Stamp Impressions
Efrat Bocher 
Chapter 29: Roman Army Stamp Impressions and Related Objects 
Yotam Tepper, Efrat Bocher and Ido Koch 
Chapter 30: A Unique Byzantine Eagle Stamp Impression
Efrat Bocher and Keren Ras 
Part IV: Other Finds
Chapter 31: Hebrew Epigraphic Incisions 
Ido Koch and Oded Lipschits 
Chapter 32: Potter’s Marks 
Efrat Bocher, Keren Ras and Liora Freud 
Chapter 33: A Clay Seal Depicting a Schematic Version of the “Woman at the Window” Motif 
Keren Ras 
Chapter 34: Iron II Clay Figurines 
Raz Kletter and Katri Saarelainen 
Chapter 35: Iron II Architectural Elements
Oded Lipschits and Keren Ras
Chapter 36: Marked and Inscribed Pottery Vessels of the Late Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods
Itamar Taxel and Nitzan Amitai-Preiss 
Appendix 36.1: Arabic Inscribed Jar
Itamar Taxel and Nitzan Amitai-Preiss 
Chapter 37: Glass Finds
Ruth E. Jackson-Tal 
Chapter 38: The Coins
Yoav Farhi 
Appendix 38.1: The Coins from the Roman Bathhouse 
Yoav Farhi 
Chapter 39: Stone Vessels and Implements of the Late Second Temple Period 
Ronny Reich 
Chapter 40: A Sundial Sherd
Keren Ras 
Chapter 41: Roman and Byzantine Architectural Elements
Efrat Bocher and Ido Koch
Chapter 42: Agricultural Installations
Uri Davidovich 
Chapter 43: Miscellaneous Finds 
Keren Ras and Yuval Gadot
Part V: Post Aharoni Excavations at Ramat Raḥel
Chapter 44: Salvage Excavations 2000–2002
Gideon Solimany and Vered Barzel 
Appendix 44.1: Coins
Donald T. Ariel 
Appendix 44.2: Three Stamp Impressions
Gabriel Barkay 
Appendix 44.3: Figurines
Raz Kletter 
Appendix 44.4: Glass Vessels
Natalya Katsnelson 
Part VI: Conclusions and Index
Chapter 45: Summary and Conclusions
Yuval Gadot and Oded Lipschits 
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