Salvage Excavation Reports No. 1

SER 1 CoverGiv’at Ha’Oranim: A Chalcolithic Site

Authors: Na’ama Scheftelowitz and Ronit Oren
Editors: Benjamin Sass and Israel Roll
Contributors: R. Barkai, E. Boaretto, I. Carmi, Y. Goren, S. Ilani, N. Liphshitz, D. Namdar, I. Segal, S. Shalev and R. W. Yerkes

The site of Giv’at ha-Oranim is located in the limestone foothills of the Judaean Hills. Its discovery and identification as a Chalcolithic village with attendant industrial installations is an important addition to the settlement history of the region during this period. The inhabitants adapted the natural karstic caves which honeycombed the area for living, storage and burials. The pottery and basalt assemblages are linked to the Beersheba-Ghassul culture. The metal objects bear a striking similarity to those from Naúal Mishmar. Its geographic position in the settlement pattern of the region highlights the significance of the Giv’at ha-Oranim site in the Chalcolithic settlement system, its mortuary customs and local culture.

 Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Na’ama Scheftelowitz and Ronit Oren

Chapter 2: Architecture
Na’ama Scheftelowitz and Ronit Oren

Chapter 3: The Pottery Assemblage
Na’ama Scheftelowitz

Chapter 4: Stone Artefacts
Na’ama Scheftelowitz

Appendix I: Geological Ages of Basalt Implements– Shimon Ilani
Appendix II: Chemical Composition of the Maceheads- Shimon Ilani

Chapter 5: Chalcolithic Copper Artefacts
Dvory Namdar, Irena Segal, Yuval Gadot and Sariel Shalev

Chapter 6: Miscellaneous Small Finds
Na’ama Scheftelowitz and Ronit Oren

Chapter 7: The Chalcolithic Lithic Assemblage
Ran Baraki

Chapter 8: Microwear Analysis of Chalcolithic Bifacial Tools
Richard W. Terkes and Ran Barkai

Chapter 9: Archaeobotanical Remains
Nili Liphschitz

Chapter 10: Determination of Age Using the 14C Method
Israel Carmi and Elisabetta Boaretto

Na’ama Scheftelowitz

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