Salvage Excavations Report No. 7

SER 7Qiryat Shemona (S) Fort and Village in the Hula Valley

Authors: Yuval Gadot and Assaf Yasur Landau
Editors: Moshe Fischer Ze’ev Herzog And Oded Lipschits
Contributors: Guy Bar-Oz, Karen Covello-Paran, Gerald Finkielsztejn, Gilad Jaffe, Nili Liphschitz, Yossi Nagar, Assaf Nativ, Noa Raban-Gerstel, Danny Rosenberg, Inbal Samet, Orit Shamir, Ron Shimelmitz, Itamar Taxel and Irit Ziffer

This is the final report of the large-scale salvage excavations at the tel of Qiryat Shemona (S) in the Hula Valley, Israel. Excavations by Yuval Gadot and Assaf Yasur-Landau have uncovered the massive remains of a unique, short-lived Middle Bronze Age I fort that illuminates processes of early second millennium urbanization and the rise of social complexity. Most chapters are devoted to presenting the fort—its architecture, the associated finds and an analysis.

Other remains presented in the volume are from later periods: the fort was replaced by a Middle Bronze Age II village and cemetery. Activity in the Iron Age included an Iron I village. An Iron II burial with an impressive scepter-mace is also discussed. Other finds indicate rural habitation at the site from the Persian to Ottoman periods

Table of contents:

Yuval Gadot and Assaf Yasur-Landau

Chapter 1: Introduction
Yuval Gadot and Assaf Yasur-Landau 

Chapter 2: Middle Bronze Age Stratigraphy and Architecture
Yuval Gadot

Chapter 3: The Middle Bronze Age Pottery of Strata VII–V: Typology and Chronology
Assaf Yasur-Landau

Chapter 4: Petrographic Analysis of the Middle Bronze Age Pottery : A Preliminary Report
Assaf Nativ

Chapter 5: Middle Bronze Age Ovens: Construction, Use and Spatial Distribution
Assaf Nativ

Chapter 6: The Iron Age Occupation at Qiryat Shemona (s), Stratum IV
Karen Covello-Paran

Chapter 7: The Persian through Ottoman Remains
Itamar Taxel

Chapter 8: A Thasian Amphora Stamp
Gerald Finkielsztejn

Chapter 9: Zooarchaeological analysis of the Faunal Remains
Noa Raban-Gerstel and Guy Bar-Oz

Chapter 10: The Human Skeletal remains
Yossi Nagar

Chapter 11: The Botanic Finds
Nili Liphschitz

Chapter 12: The Groundstone Tools Assemblage
Danny Rosenberg

Chapter 13: The Flint Finds and the Character of the Middle Bronze Age Sickle Blades
Ron Shimelmitz

Chapter 14: The Small Finds
Assaf Nativ

Chapter 15: A Storage Jar with Incised Figural Motif
Irit Ziffer

Chapter 16: A Mace/Sceptre Head from tomb 1136
Assaf Yasur-Landau

Chapter 17: Textile Remains on Metal
Orit Shamir

Chapter 18:  An Inscribed Sherd
André Lemaire

Chapter 19: Energy Expenditure
Inbal Samet and Gilad Jaffe

Chapter 20 The Stratum VII Fortress in a Time of Competing Polities
Assaf Yasur-Landau

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