The New Archaeological Excavations at Lachish (1973–1994)

The Emery and Claire Yass Publications in Archaeology

Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University

No. 22

The New Archaeological Excavations at Lachish

David Ussishkin

Tel Aviv 2004

This publication is the final report of the renewed excavations and restoration work carried out at Tel Lachish between 1973 and 1994 by the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University under the direction of David Ussishkin. The comprehensive report, published in five volumes, was edited and largely written by David Ussishkin, and contains contributions by 62 scholars from Israel and abroad. The report covers a wide variety of important subjects—stratigraphy, architecture, chronology, inscriptions, pottery and other finds, as well as many in-depth studies on specific topics. Lachish is one of the major biblical era sites in the Land of Israel. As such, the report will be an essential tool for anyone exploring the history and material culture of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant.

Contributions by:
Gabriella Bachi, Gabriel Barkay, Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer, Pirhiya Beck, Mireille Bélis, Lawrence Allen Belkin, Max Bichler, Piotr Bienkowski, Noga Blockman, Shlomo Bunimovitz, Israel Carmi, Caroline R. Cartwright, Christa Clamer, Paul Croft, Yehuda Dagan, Israel Drori, Yoram Eshet, Martin Exler, Alexander Fantalkin, Margalit Finkelberg, Elisabeth French, Raphael Giveon, Dani Golani, Paul Goldberg, Ram Gophna, Yuval Goren, Yulia Gottlieb, Netta The New Archaeological Excavations at Lachish (1973 – 1994)
Halperin, Henry Hankey, Vronwy Hankey, Aharon Horowitz, Richard Jasnow, Othmar Keel, Raz Kletter, Nir Lalkin, André Lemaire, Omri Lernau, Nili Liphschitz, P. Kyle McCarter Jr., Pamela Magrill, Andrew Middleton, Ilana Mozel, Peter Northover, Arlene M. Rosen, Steven A. Rosen, Benjamin Sass, Michael Sebbane, Sariel Shalev, Nimrod Shay, Susan Sherratt, Aryeh E. Shimron, Lily Singer-Avitz, Patricia Smith, Deborah Sweeney, Oren Tal, Eitan Tchernov, Jonathan E. Tomlinson, Alexander Uchitel, Andrew G. Vaughn, Eli Yannai, Ran Zadok and Orna Zimhoni.

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