Laboratory of Archaeozoology

The Laboratory of Archaeozoology is directed by Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen.

The archaeological study of animal remains (bones, horns and teeth) focuses on human subsistence behavior, and on the relationship between human and animals. It sheds light on the development of past diets, past agricultural and food production systems, and on relationships of humans with their ancient environment. It may also elucidate past populations cultural decisions and biases, and various aspects of social complexity.

Current projects

• Subsistence economy and culinary practices in Jerusalem and its hinterland in the Iron Age and Persian and Hellenistic periods
• Social Status, Ethnicity and Animal Economy at the Late Bronze/Iron Age Copper Smelting Sites
• On-going research at Tel Megiddo, Tel Azekah, Apollonia, Timna and Ashdod-Yam.



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