Salvage Excavation Reports No. 9


An Early Islamic Industrial Site at Ramla (South)

The 2008 Excavation Seasons9_cover

Authors: Elisabeth Yehuda and Yitzhak Paz
Contributors: N. Amitai-Preiss and R.E. Jackson-Tal

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Elisabeth Yehuda 

Chapter 2: Stratigraphy and Architecture
Yitzhak Paz

Chapter 3.1: Pottery
Elisabeth Yehuda

Chapter 3.2: Lamps
Elisabeth Yehuda

Chapter 3.3: Special Finds
Elisabeth Yehuda 

Chapter 4: The Glass Finds
Ruth E. Jackson-Tal 

Chapter 5.1: The Metal Finds
Elisabeth Yehuda

Chapter 5.2: Weights
Nitzan Amitai-Preiss

Chapter 6: Stone artifacts
Elisabeth Yehuda

Chapter 7: Functional Analysis
Elisabeth Yehuda

Chapter 8: Discussion
Elisabeth Yehuda

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